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Serengeti Migration Camp

Luxury and seclusion in a great region for game viewing

Serengeti Migration Camp - Lounge
Serengeti Migration Camp - Lounge

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Serengeti Migration Camp is situated in the thin column of the Serengeti that runs between the Seronera, in the centre, and the Lamia Wedge, in the north, the game around Serengeti Migration camp can be a little unpredictable...but we still think it is worth a look and, as far as the accommodation goes, it is arguably the best in the region. Best considered as the herds are moving through from June until the end of July and from the end of October to December.


Set amongst the many small rivers and streams that run out from the Seronera and Grumeti Rivers, the region around Migration Camp is truly leopard territory. This is an area that the wildebeest really have to brave in order to get through to the more open grasslands of the north. As such, while the game here can be spectacular at times, it can also take a bit of looking to find it amongst the scrub bush land.


The camp itself is outstanding, sitting on a series of huge boulders that lie on the eastern side of the valley, allowing views out to the valley floor from the main areas and all of the rooms. On top of this, with great service and a superb menu, this is a real treat for anyone. Inside the rooms have a spacious and luxurious feel to them with leather and local woods the order of the day. The main areas, similarly, are of the highest order and so a stay here definitely ticks the "luxury" box.

All in all this is great little camp and we certainly recommend it to clients and, if the game is a little sporadic, it is also possible to take a picnic and head north to the more reliable game of the Lamia wedge, or east to the kopjes around the Lobo region.


Great views, superb accommodation and communal areas

Price, game can be a bit hard to spot

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