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Tanzania Beach Holidays

The stunning white sands and year round temperatures make Tanzania a haven for the beach lover

Itinerary photo - Zanzibar
Itinerary photo - Zanzibar
Itinerary photo - Zanzibar

Located on the very eastern side of Africa, in the tropical belt, just below the equator, Tanzania, Zanzibar and the other islands along the coast are blessed with year round sunshine and a balmy climate of around 30 degrees centigrade. At around a couple of hours flying time for the northern parks of Tanzania and a mere 45 minutes from the southern parks, it is understandable why Tanzania’s rise to safari and beach fame has been so meteoric…it is in a truly privileged position out of any African country!

In this section we have tried to highlight the many facets of Tanzania's beach "ensemble" with an overview of everywhere that is good for a bit of sun time as well as those destinations that are geared for those looking for a little bit more. Roughly speaking, the beaches and islands off and along the Tanzanian coastline fall into a few categories:

Secluded and Peaceful

This first category is for those beaches, mainly along the mainland coast, that are somewhere that nodoby will have mentioned before...the types of beaches that rarely get a mention in Conde Naste but are, for us, the ideal places to head for some real alone time, away from the madness of the modern world...a place to sink your feet into the sand, grab a cocktail and relax with a game of backgammon! It is true that the beaches along Tanzania's mainland coast are not the shimmering white and azure of Zanzibar, but, with nobody for miles, you still feel like you are visiting somewhere special.

Best beaches for seclusion:

South of Dar, Sadaani National Park

Great for Divers

Covered in more detail in the diving and snorkeling section (linked to below), these are the beaches and islands that are located to the north and south of the main island of Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba Islands. both of these islands are never really classified as beach destinations in their own right as many of the properties on each are situated in amongst mangrove forests and, as such, the beaches can be a little sporadic. But, these days, are are a few new properties that have opened up on good beaches and, as such, can definitely be included in this section as they are very good locations for one to lie on a beach and the other to spend some time in the water.

Best locations for divers:

Pemba Island, Mafia Island

Picture Perfect

The final section of our review of Tanzania beaches is for those beaches that will give you the chance for the photo! The small island of Zanzibar is, pretty much, what we mean when we talk of picture perfect and, even with one or two "Africanisms" Zanzibar still does, very much, tick the boxes for most people on this front. The main areas to keep in mind on the island are along its north and south eastern coastlines, where the Indian Ocean rolls up to the barrier reef and then creates a perfect lagoon that stretches along the flank of the island. This protected area is ideal for beach properties which have, over the years, sprung up amongst the gently waving palm trees...convinced yet? It is true that the island is not the best for those looking for serious diving but, if it is activities you are after, then they are also here in abundance such as kite surfing, sailing, snorkeling to name but a few. 

Best beaches to visit in Zanzibar:

Zanzibar Beaches

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