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What to do

In Tanzania

With one of Africa's most varied topographies, there is a whole range of options to choose from

Zanzibar beach
Tanzania safari
Tanzania safari

Tanzania is one of the largest of Africa's countries and, sitting just south of the Equatorial line and featuring a series of stunning national parks and game reserves, and a stunning Indian Ocean coastline, it is the ideal location for many to visit for their first time on safari, as well as those vising this mesmerising continent for more than the first.

In this section, we have tried our best to outline a few of the activities and interests that we are asked about by our clients most often. Please have a look through the below but, if there is something that you are keen on but is not featured in our list then we will be happy to help as, having knocked around Tanzania and East Africa for over 10 years, there is very little that we haven't put our hand to!

What to do in Tanzania: