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Traditionally, going on a safari has always been an expensive past time for those who are looking to travel on their own but, today, many of the properties have realised that this is an expanding market and, as such, they have started to cater more and more for solo travellers. On the whole, it is now possible to stay at many of the fly in properties in the south and west of Tanzania and only be asked to pay a small supplement, rather than the traditional, double price.

We are often asked if we offer group trips to Tanzania as, as a solo traveller, it is often as much a part of the trip to meet and share experiences with like-minded travellers. What we usually reply is that, while we don't arrange group trips as such, there are plenty of ways of getting into the bush and share the experience with others, without the need to pay fortune for the privilege.

We still tailor make the itinerary to suit you and your timings but, through years of experience with properties and locations, we can suggest certain properties that offer shared dining facilities, shared game viewing opportunities and give you a hosted stay.

The Northern Parks

In the main, due to the layout and pricing of the northern itineraries (as the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and other parks are set apart from each other there is usually the need for a private vehicle and, as such, it becomes very expensive for a solo traveller to cover these additional costs) we only tend to recommend the camps that offer a fly-in rate. These camps will then offer you game driving in their own vehicles and, as with the camps in the south, you can then avoid having to pay the expense of the full vehicle. It is, however, worth noting that many of these camps are more expensive and so a northern itinerary can tend to be a little more than you would be able to get in the southern parks.

The Southern Parks

The most marked improvement in solo rates in Tanzania has definitely been felt in the camps in the Selous Game Reserve and in Ruaha National Park. With communal dining, shared vehicles and lower prices than the camps in the north, the camps in the south have long been better disposed to the needs of a solo traveller and, as such, they have been able to adapt much faster. This area of Tanzania is certainly where we would suggest taking a look at first of all.

The Western Parks

The main reason that clients look at travelling over to the western side of Tanzania is in order to visit the much-vaunted chimpanzees in Mahale National Park and the raw beauty of Katavi National Park. Due to the distances involved in getting over here and the cost for the park fees to see the chimps, it is never a cheap prospect to head over here anyway but, of the camps that are here, it is still possible to stay in the camps for around a 50% surcharge.

Zanzibar and the islands

Finally, if you are keen to just take in a bit of sun, dive or wander through the alleys of Stone Town Zanzibar certainly offers a range of activities and properties that will suit a solo traveller. For those looking for a little evening activity, the island has a few hot spots to take a look at and a few properties where the idea is to integrate a little more with your fellow traveller.

Best regions for Solo Safaris in Tanzania: