Robert and the gorillas

Robert spent a few days with the gorillas in Rwanda and has been kind enough to share a few of his photos from the trip. Please note that these photos appear courtesy of Robert and are subject to normal copy write restrictions. Click on the photo to see the gallery in full size!!

Beho Beho

Well, what can we say? Beho Beho is certainly a camp that is in the top three in East Africa if not Africa at the moment...they have been leading the way for the last few years in the Selous. Great location, up in the Beho Beho hills, away from the relative "traffic" in the park's centre.

Western Tanzania

Western Tanzania Safaris

The western safari parks of Katavi and Mahale are the “road less travelled” in safari circles. Due to the relative costs and inaccessibility of the region (a 4hour flight from Arusha or a night stop over from the south), only those both rich in funds and time tend to be able to get out here...but this is a huge shame as this really is an outstanding region of Africa and, in our opinion, really deserves to be ranked in the all time great trips on the continent.

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Northern Tanzania

Northern Tanzania Safaris

For most who think of Tanzania, they think of the famous northern Tanzania safari parks, the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. One of the most important factors in deciding to head to this region is timing and, more important still, the location of the Migration herds in the Serengeti. For sheer numbers of animals and jaw-dropping vistas, the north can’t be beaten for a safari…the only drawback..if you have heard of it, so have a few others!

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