Country Guide


Often a source of confusion in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that is growing and developing rapidly by world standards and so the relative value of currency is beginning to come in line with the rest of the world gradually. With this in mind, we have put a few recommendations below as to what we tell our clients to budget….but, if in doubt, the best practice is definitely to talk to the camp manager and see what he recommends.

Tipping on Safari

On the whole we tend to recommend around U$D5 per day per couple for the camp staff and a further U$D10 per day for your guide.

Tipping on the Beach

On the beach then around U$D5-10 per day per couple is enough for the camp staff and cooks.

These are fairly conservative tipping standards and, of course, if you feel that the service was exceptional and the staff went out of their way then please tip more….but please try not to tip too much as this can really imbalance the local economy.

**All tips are discretionary and can be put discreetly into a communal box at the end of the stay (for the camp staff, usually the guide is tipped directly). The above are simply recommendations. **