Travel Tips

Passports and visas

A guide for what you need to get before or when you get to Tanzania

This is always a farily important section and something that we get asked about very frequently by our safari clients. In a nutshell, it is not necessary to get a visa before you leave (on a UK passport) as it is possible to get them on arrival into Tanzania. But in order to make your itinerary run as smoothly as it possibly can, and to negate any delays at all, we always recommend that you get them in advance.

Tanzanian Visas

Please obtain these prior to departure from the Tanzania High Commission - (3 Stratford Place, London, W1C 1AS - Tel 020 7569 1470 - or in the US 2139 R Street, Washington, D.C. 20008; 202-9396125 They are usually issued within 24 hours and require 2 passport photographs and payment of £38 in cash.

Action Visas in the UK can arrange these visas – 020 7939 8100 and they have a downloadable form at When filling in the visa form please put as your reference in Tanzania "Coastal Travels, Dar, Tanzania - Tel 255 22 2117959". You may also be asked for the means of financial support - put "Pre arranged by UK Tour Operator". Please note that the visa is only valid for 90 from the date of issue.

Kenyan Visas

These are easy to get on arrival for UK and US Citizens. If you wish to get them in advance the Kenya High Commission is at 45 Portland Place W1N 4AN - Tel 020 7636 2371 - in London). They are usually issued within 72 hours and require 1 passport photograph and payment of £35. Please note that if you are taking a safari to the north of Tanzania you will, possibly, be flying into Nairobi international airport and out of Wilson airport in Nairobi for Arusha. These are separate airports and you will need to enter the country (and thus get a visa) to get to Wilson.

Mozambique Visas

These can be obtained on arrival (at a cost of $50pp) or you can get them in advance as follows: 21 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6EL Tel:0207 3833800

***Please note the information above is for UK and US citizens – for other nationalities please contact your nearest High Commission …***

***Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and have at least 4 unused consecutive blank pages ***