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An overview of Tanzania

A look at the various elements of the country

There are quite a few reasons that Tanzania, today, has become the most popular destination in Africa for those looking to combine safari with an idyllic beach. From a safari point of view, it is the range of topographies that it contains; from the Great Rift Valley and the open grasslands of the Serengeti, to the mystical mountains and swampy marsh of the west, and on to the riverine splendour that is the south. Each of these regions gives a look at a different side of Africa’s famous wildlife and so appeases both the first-time safari go-er and the hardened veteran. On top of this, along the eastern coastline, lies a series of small islands and beaches that stand alone as amongst the best in the world.

Where many other countries in Africa profess to have wildlife as good (e.g. Botswana, Zambia), there is nowhere else that really combines such good safari so easily with a few nights on a perfect, sun-kissed beach. (some would argue that Kenya is on a par….but we are a fussy bunch and, while the Mara is spectacular on its day, why head to one of the busiest places in Africa when, just a hundred miles or so across the border, you can head to some of the least busy safari, in Tanzania!)

In this section we have put together a few thoughts and ideas that we have had over the years on how to make your safari and Tanzanian experience all that much better. As firm believers in supporting local communities and for travellers to come back with an experience that affects both them and the place they have been positively, we only recommend hotels that keep to this ethos.

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