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With web review sites being all the rage these days, it can be a little difficult to sift through the debris to actually find out what a place or hotel is like. From our point of view, having stayed in 99% of the hotels and safari lodges we sell (and quite a few we don't), we think that these reviews can be very misleading as it is impossible to know what the reviewer likes, was looking for, paid etc. etc. In our opinion our job is to find out what you like and match the correct product to you...see how we have done. (please note that ALL of the reviews we feature are 100% real and unedited. If you would like to speak to any of our past clients please let us know)

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Hi Nick,

Firstly apologies for the extremely late reply, I genuinely don’t know where the time has gone. We have been on holiday again since the safari!

We had such an amazing time, some of the sights we saw were unbelievable. All the accommodation, particularly the Asilia side of things were outstanding. Nathan our guide at Olakira was fantastic, he ensured we got to see a and learn a lot.

I know we had the horrible price increase issue, thank you for all your help putting this trip together for us. It really was a dream honeymoon and exceeded our expectations.

We are now saving for the next safari!

Happy Christmas,


Nicky and Michael

Hi Nick, thanks so much for the follow-up email.

We had an amazing adventure, which you will be pleased to know went without a hitch; so thank-you very much for your help and guidance. Saw everything and more than we expected.

Nick, it was a wonderful holiday and thanks so much for all your time and support in helping me arrange this. You were great, very patient with me, insightful and above all, know your 'stuff'! As you know my brother-in-law is travelling with you in October, all I will say, is please make sure Malk has a new vehicle by then!

Once again, my sincere thanks - will be putting a few pic's on your website to support you!!

Kind regards as always



Dyan and family

Hi Nick,

I’m all rested and I would go back tomorrow in Zanzibar… The Palms was quite impressive… we decided to put our first ever review on tripadvisor as the Manager asked us and our title was “Our own private paradise” ;-)  We did it because Siriak (the Manager) was really kind and helpful… The staff were always smiling and present just when we needed it… I felt like a princess (read: not used to that kind of service J).

I would like to thank you for the service you provided us.

Best regards,


Nancy and Pierre

Hi Nick

Yes we are settling into married life.

So we would like to say thank you very much for arranging our perfect honeymoon trip. Your tips and advise were so valuable.

We wanted a safari/beach combo and had already decided on Tanzania. But with your help we chose to visit the southern parks of Ruaha and Selous. We wanted to stay away from the big crowds and have a more personal experience. That is exactly what we got.

Our first accommodation was the Mdonya Old River Camp in Ruaha. It was a more basic tented accommodation but was perfect. No electricity makes for a more simple life. Having a solar powered shower underneath the stars was incredible. The hot water bottle in the bed at night was a great touch as it did get a little chilly at night. Food was fantastic and we certainly did not go hungry. Our guide was amazing. Kahimba had fantastic knowledge, was able to drive, spot a lion a mile away and make us laugh whilst teaching his colleague Paul! We were able to witness lions mating right in front of us, elephants, plenty of giraffe and zebra and were so lucky to catch a leopard with a kill on the way to the airstrip!!

We then moved on to Selous, where we stayed at the more luxurious Siwandu camp. WOW. The accommodation is amazing. Waking up to the sound and site of a hippo next to our tent is an experience I will never forget! Again the food was incredible and very plentiful. Every sunset we would enjoy a beverage of our choice with a fantastic view. Perhaps the most frustrating time was drinking a safari beer desperately waiting to see if some hyena Cubs would appear from their den. Needless to say, our wait was fruitless. But we did see hippo, crocodile, huge Python, baby elephant and many bird species. It was nice that they offered alternatives to a drive safari. Worth spending a little more money to stay here in our opinion.

Finally we flew to Zanzibar. The weather was a little disappointing - very windy and overcast. The Boutique Hotel Matlai is a small, and beautiful place. They had thought of every little touch. From the fresh coconut on arrival, to coral shoes to protect your get. As they knew we were on our honeymoon, we had many a lovely decoration (including bride and groom rubber duckies in the bath!!) We felt very spoilt by the butler service. Lovely view from our balcony. Food was great. Our private island trip was amazing. Snorkelling in the middle of the sea, before a beautiful lunch and a cheeky Moët! The hotel even arranged for us to have a private viewing of the lion king on a projector under the stars! One evening we watched the sunset on the other side of the peninsula. A taxi was arranged by the hotel. I would definitely recommend this. The water is very calm, and can watch a beautiful sunset whilst sipping a G&T. What more could you want.

We would not change one single part of our trip. We would not hesitate to use your services again and would recommend you to all our friends and family. You listened to what we wanted and tailored a fantastic agenda for us.

Thanks again

Lisa and Alex

Lisa and Alex

Hi Nick!

Thank you for getting in touch, we had a fantastic time! My wife and I loved the safari so much! Looking back we preferred that to Zanzibar. Zanzibar was nice and the hotel etc was lovely, but it was very quiet! I guess we wanted peace and tranquility after the bustle of safari, but I think since we enjoyed the safari element so much, we kept reminiscing on that. Stone Town was great - we did a day visit there and we did a Spice Tour... I think in retrospect we realised that staying in stone town would have been more exciting for us as there was a lot more culture, history and a lot more events and things taking place... They even had a few reggae nights on, and I'm a reggae fanatic and ferocious record collector!... Breezes hotel was nice, but the seaweed beach did not entice my wife to go for strolls along it as much as I wanted to! And it was very windy throughout our stay, but maybe this is because of the time of year or because of the Indian Ocean?

But on the whole it was amazing and our highlight was probably the hot air balloon! I guess we never had any expectations of how the safari would be so everything was a pleasant surprise. We loved the food, scenery and room at the farm lodge near the crater, loved the scenes of the crater and the wildlife we saw with the awesome backdrop of the terrain going up that reminds you you're in a crater... We also loved the bush camp! They all made such an effort to ensure our stay was pleasant. We loved how they make small touches to decorate the tent too. our packed lunches we so nice and made with care, the other guests and campers were lovely to speak with in the evenings and we met some of the nicest people after our balloon ride when we had breakfast together! .. At the camp we had bonfires at night and other campers and staff would exchange stories from their game drives and experiences... AMAZING!

I am actually putting up a few pictures at a time on my facebook and instagram page (so my clients can see I take good photographs on honeymoon too!). I have attached them to this email for you... there are only about 4 that I've edited so far... otherwise i have some amazing ones from the balloon ride too that i can send later once I have time and have edited them a bit. See attachments!

Otherwise we'd like to thank you for all your help and professionalism in helping us book our honeymoon, we truly had a memorable time! We will definitely be recommending you!

Kind regards,


Navjit and Grewal

Hi Nick,

Thank you. We had an amazing time and trip. We really loved all the different parts. It's hard to pick a favorite part because they were all so different and wonderful.

The Kili climb went well overall, yes we all barely made it to the summit! I ended up having the most trouble on summit day (was doing great before that). It was an amazing and insane experience climbing that high. We are very glad we did it but not sure if we would want to do that again!

Definite highlights - Neptune Lodge (wish we had spent a little more time there), Ngorongoro crater, Nomads (really amazing place), and Shooting Star (incredibly friendly and welcoming to us on our honeymoon). We felt that Onsea House was a little over priced for things (dinner was rather expensive as was getting anywhere outside of the hotel). Thank you again for all your help. We really did enjoy the whole trip (including the crazy Kili hike!). 


Aleja & Lynn

Aleja and Lynn

Hello Nick ,

Thank you for putting together a wonderful trip to tanzania , the camps were great , plenty of wild life and the food superb .




Thanks very much nick. Our guide was great and ngorongoro crater was outstanding. Neptune was also an amazing experience. FYI We didn't find lake manyara very exiting... Saw very few animals.... For cost and timing I wouldn't recommend it. Have you heard differently?

Thanks again for your help in organizing the trip.

Emily and husband

Dear Nick,

Having recently returned from our trip to Tanzania, I just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful trip.

All aspects went very smoothly and your hotel advice and answers to my many questions were invaluable.

The safari part was truly one of my greatest experiences, KibaPoint was outstanding.

Thank you again,

Kind Regards.


Nicola, Frank, Margaret and Stephen

Hi Nick,

Returned safe and sound, all return flights went to plan thankfully. Now back at work with a huge amount of catching up to do so a brief summary for now, hopefully I will get time to give a more in depth review later.

We had a great time, Lake Manze & Mdonya Old River camps were great and all the staff fantastic. Wildlife viewing was excellent and we saw everything except wild dogs which was a bit of a disappointment but we know nothing is guaranteed on safari.

Coastal Aviation flights went like clockwork, pity larger airlines are not so good.

Mbweni Ruins was a great choice for Zanzibar, I’d make the point for future guests not to be put off by the entrance road to the hotel, I must admit that as we went down this very very pot holed dirt track I wondered where we were being taken. But the hotel and gardens are great, just our sort of place, staff again were great and the manager was very helpful. Beach was kept clean and tidy, being off season there were a couple of days when I think we were the only guests so we had a very personal service. Free shuttle to Stone Town 15 mins away was great for us as the main reason for choosing the hotel was to be close to Stone Town.

Kay & I would like to thank you for all your help and assistance during the flight delays, we know we wouldn’t have got that level of service from a larger tour operator. We do need to think about compensation claim for the lost day and a bit, do you have any experience of this? Did you have to pay extra to Coastal for the rearranged flights?

I am out of the country again tomorrow on business, back on Friday so I will start to catch up properly next week at which point I will hopefully get you a better review. Basically once we got over the initial delay (which by the way only took about 10 mins after landing in Selous, being collected by Lake Manze guides and seeing a huge male Kudu) we had a fantastic time and everything lived up to or exceeded our expectations.


Martin and Kay