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The Ultimate Guide to Zanzibar Beaches

For those that are new to the island of Zanzibar, located just 20 minutes flying time from the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam, this is a small and idyllic island paradise of whites sands and swaying palms that receives around 300,000 or more visitors a year from around the world. We decided to do a full update for our clients on where is hot and where is not!

Zanzibar has long held a magical and mysterious reputation due to the patchwork of its past, of slaves and sultans and of rock stars and spices. Today Zanzibar is very much in the ascendency as, with the unfortunate happenings in Kenya, it now finds itself as the top destination for those looking to relax in the sun after a world class safari in the nearby parks of Tanzania or Kenya.

With all of the changes that Zanzibar is undergoing, and the fact that there has been plenty of external investment happening, we thought we would head out to see what all the fuss is about...the below review was from a trip to see the Zanzibar beach hotels in November 2011…

On the whole, the breakdown of the island is fairly the south west is the capital, Zanzibar, within which is the famous district of Stone Town. Along the north and south easterly coasts are the main stretches Mnemba Island of beach and where, for the main part, you should look for the beach hotels. There are also a few pockets of beaches that have been colonised and that offer a slightly different feel and experience. Below is our beach guide to take a look at:

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